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sageata2.gif (153 bytes) Download EggDrop for linux
:: EggDrop 1.6.10
:: EggDrop 1.6.13 cu suport ipv6
:: EggDrop 1.7 versiune beta

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sageata2.gif (153 bytes) download last version of EGGDROP for windows
server 1

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sageata2.gif (153 bytes) download PSY-BNC
PsyBnc 2.3.1 pentru Linux
DownLoad Sources (Linux/FreeBSD/SunOs/Solaris/Digital Unix/Irix(gcc)) vers.2.3
DownLoad Linux-precompiled-static
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)DownLoad precompiled SunOs 5.6
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)DownLoad precompiled AIX RS-6000

sageata1.gif (62 bytes)psyBNC2.3.1-8 (Linux/FreeBSD/SunOs/Solaris/Digital Unix/Irix(gcc))
psyBNC in romaneste
psyBNC2.3.1-7 (Linux/FreeBSD/SunOs/Solaris/Digital Unix/Irix(gcc))
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)psyBNC2.3.tar.gz (Linux/FreeBSD/SunOs/Solaris/Digital Unix/Irix(gcc))
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)psyBNC2.2.2.tar.gz psyBNC ver 2.2.2 197kb
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)bnc2.8.4 Bnc ver 2.8.4 48kb
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)psyBNC2.3 Windows

Vers. 2.2.1:

sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Download Linux-precompiled-static
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Download precompiled SunOs 5.6
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Download precompiled AIX RS-6000

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sageata2.gif (153 bytes) bots
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Energy Mech 2.8.4
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Acidblood 1.2.13
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)ComBot 1.55
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Infobot 0.45.3

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sageata2.gif (153 bytes) MODULES for EGGDROP

sageata1.gif (62 bytes)sageata1.gif (62 bytes)sageata1.gif (62 bytes)Modseen
Stats.mod generates statistics about the users in a channel. The statistics contain many differnt information types, which are logged for each user who is in the bot's userfile. It also contains a function to automatically add users to the bot after they spent a certain time on the channel.

The statistics are accessable via public channel commands (!top10, !stat...) and via http. Latter method uses by default a simulated webserver on port 8033, so the output is never outdated since it's generated for each uer on the fly. If you don't like this method, you can still configure the module to frequently write static webfiles in your web directory, but this method might be slower (writing 30 pages for each channel can take some time) and doesn't show all features. (writing a webpage for each user would be a pain on bots in a channel with a large user-base ^_^) If you want to see examples, choose from the two below:

sageata1.gif (62 bytes)download v1.3.2
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)download v1.2.3
sageata1.gif (62 bytes)download v1.1.9(oldest and smallest version)

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sageata1.gif (62 bytes)sageata1.gif (62 bytes)sageata1.gif (62 bytes)GSeen.Mod

gseen.mod is a seen module for eggdrop that tracks not only the users in the bot's userfile, but everyone who enters one of the bots channels. It does pretty much the same as the popular script bseen and has a few additional features like AI-seen, seen-notification and support for multiple languages.

It's also way faster than any corresponding script because of it's written in c, and uses faster data-structures than tcl does. It can handle several thousand nicks without problems.

Since the module logs all nicks and all hostmasks you can use wildcards in your seen request. It also compares the host of the requested nick with the other hosts and therefore always gives the most accurate result even if the user was online with a different nick.

download 1.1.0
download 1.0.9

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sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AdOp 2.0
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Adver
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AllOp
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AllVoice
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) alice.tcl 1.1.0
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) altavista.tcl
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) amsg.tcl
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AntiCaps
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AntiCouleur
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Anti Idle
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AntiMsChat 1.02
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) AntiKill
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Anti-Socks 1.1
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Anti-Spam 1.3
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) BadChan
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) BadWord
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Ban Flooders 1.9.1
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Bass's Seen script
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Bitchx-v8
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) BlackIdle 1.0
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Cervellone 1.0
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) cgi.tcl 4.5
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) CHATstats 3.1.2
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Clone detection 3.6
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) EggSMS
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) eNote
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Flagnote 5.1
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) google.tcl
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) IcMp Nuke
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) IPv6 1.00
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) KetaFy.tcl
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Limit 1.1
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Limit v2.0
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Limiter 1.1
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Mass
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Nick Identify Script
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) NoManualOp
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) OnJoinMailer
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Peak 1.5
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) QuickVote 1.01
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) Robocop 1.0
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) ShellTime.tcl 1.6
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) ShellUptime 0.3
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) silveryo-antispam
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) virgilio.tcl
sageata1.gif (62 bytes) VoiceAllBut 1.0

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